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December 21, 2022

Applied and Computational Engineering - Gender and Diversity pledge

We pledge to our series community:

  • We're committed: we put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our activities
  • We champion change: we're working to increase the percentage of women, early career researchers and researchers from the Global South as editorial board members
  • We're inclusive: we strive to build an inclusive environment where everyone will flourish
  • We're accountable: we've set a goal for 40%-60% female-male board members by the end of 2023

The above pledge sits within EWA Publishing's broader ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts. Equity and inclusion in publishing is critically important for scientific excellence and innovation. We believe passionately in the power of an inclusive publishing environment, not only to do what is right, but to enrich, strengthen and advance us all. We look forward to working towards our goals together with all members of the community of Applied and Computational Engineering (ACE)!

December 6, 2021

Applied and Computational Engineering - Disclaimer

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